Classen Sod Cutter SC-18A

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Sod cutting is tough work. Done manually it is literally hours of back-breaking labor. The Classen Gear-Drive Sod Cutter makes sod cutting easier than ever thanks to vibration-reducing design and intuitive controls; leaving level ground to build a new path, walkway, patio, or to establish new flower beds.

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  • • Choice of Honda® GX160 and Honda® GX240 engine
  • • NEW modified cam design for over 42% less vibration
  • • Improved user-friendly controls for ease-of-operation
  • • Clutch/Brake lever for ease in unloading machine backwards from truck or trailer
  • • Cutting blade makes 20 cutting strokes per second / 1200 per minute
  • • Adjusts to cut sod up to 2.5” deep
  • • Four front knobby tread drive wheels ensure better traction and eliminate dirt build up
  • • 1-3/8” cutting stroke is up to 50% longer than competitive models
  • • Throttle goes idle and stops machine movement when released
  • • 18” blade standard. Optional 12”, 16”, 20” and 24” blade assemblies
  •     (24” blade for use with Honda® GX240 engine model only)
  • • Optional rear swivel wheel for enhanced maneuverability


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