Electric Eel Sewer Auger Model R

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The Model R is designed to clean 3”-6” lines for distances up to 100’ and is ideal for both the homeowner and contractor. The unit runs either 5/8” or ¾” cable and is built on a rugged 1 ¼” steel tubing frame with an open cage for quick inspection and easy cleaning.

Large 10” wheels allow for easy maneuvering and a 20” power cord with a built in GFCI protects the operator. A typical application for the Model R is cleaning tree roots from a main sewer line that runs from the house to the street.

Snap-lock tool connector holds cleaning tools securely in place; no screws required to connect tools.

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Additional information

Cable Length Up to 100ft.
Cable Diameter 5/8in., 3/4in.
Minimum Drain Size 3in.
Maximum Drain Size 6in.
Power Electric
Power Details 1/3 HP


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