Quick Sweep-Angle Broom 680X (QuickAttach) For Full Size Skid Steers

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  1. Easily assembled greaseable bearings for extended wear life
  2. Storage stand
  3. Large 32” heavy-duty wafer packages available (sold separately)
  4. More and larger filament than most of our competitors

The Power Angle Broom is designed for heavy-duty sweeping of dirt, snow, and other unwanted material. It quickly mounts to your skid steer or tractor loader. Featuring a 68”, 84” or 96” width, optional hydraulic angle change, and the exclusive Floating Torsion Suspension System™.

  • Exclusive Torsion Float Suspension assists the operator in keeping consistent and correct bristle down pressure, reducing excessive wear on the bristles.
  • Fast wafer change time
  • 25° right and left angle (manual or optional hydraulic)
  • Greaseable bearings for longer wear life
  • Hydraulic drive motor (no chains)
Model 680X
Width 68”
Width Fully Angled 63” @ 25°
Broom Angling Manual 25° / Hyd 25° / Hyd 25°
Drive System Hydraulic Motor Direct-Drive
Skid Steer Flow Range 13-24 GPM
Wafer Diameter 32”
Wafer Sections (number) 33 zig-zag
Mounting Plate Universal
Shipping Weight 790 lb.
Operating Weight 715 lb.
Reversible Valve Block Included w/XL model
Pistol Grip Control Harness*
Loader Specific Wire Harness*
Factory Installed Couplers
*Applies to Hydraulic Models Only


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