Vermeer Stump Grinder SC60TX

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The SC60TX can fit into tight spaces in a residential area. The track system is designed to decrease ground disturbance. The SC60TX is equipped with safety features such as the patented capacitance-sensing operator presence system and wheel brake to help you feel confident on the job.

Length- 141.6”                  Cutterwheel Straight line dimension- 65”

Width- 51”                         Cut Above ground- 27”

Height- 72”                        Cut Below ground- 16”

Weight- 3500LBS              Number of teeth- 30

Gross Horsepower- 60HP

Fuel Tank Capacity- 12 GAL

Fuel Type- Diesel

Cutterwheel Diameter without teeth- 23”

Cutterwheel Thickness- 1.1”

Cutterwheel Speed- 1080RPM


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